Planning on walking Jeju Olle Trail, Jeju Island, South Korea? English language assistance, free guided walk, and help is here…

My name is Jim and I volunteer for Jeju Olle Trail here on Jeju Island, South Korea. I started earlier this year and, along with the Korean team members, am responsible for Jeju Olle Trail’s Facebook, Twitter, and a lot of English translations you’ll find there. But I’m also here to help overseas walkers who are visiting Jeju Island, especially those with little to no experience of South Korea and its language. If you are planning a walking trip to Jeju Olle Trail and have questions please send them alongIf you want someone to walk with you and provide local background information about Jeju Island and Jeju Olle Trail this is more than possible too. (I’m free on weekends and until mid-afternoon on week days). I’ve been on Jeju Island for five years now. I used to publish an English language magazine called Jeju Life and have worked for Arirang Radio as well.

Jim Saunders
Jeju Olle Trail SNS

jim saunders 10 @ gmail . com (no spaces)

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